3 Excellent SEO Tools and Methods to Create a Better Content for Your Blog

The Internet has indeed got transformed from a luxury to a necessity in the past few years. The high pace with which the ‘World Wide Web’ has become popular has helped it gain importance in every field. From a business marketing to online selling, web is playing a huge role in making the world a flourished and connected place.

However, with the ever increasing content that gets published on the web, the need for getting the appropriate amount of web traffic has raised too.

This existing scenario comes into play the role of Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated as SEO).

SEO is an unavoidable piece of e-business. There are just excessively numerous rivals in the business sector who do their business online to disregard the significance of top positioning in web search tools.

Business ventures utilize the best SEO software that they can discover with a specific end goal to make their sites emerge and be effortlessly open to the mass of potential clients on search engines.

From ranking your website to providing you with the most appropriate keywords, SEO tools can do it all.

Any of the top SEO tools can not only help your website float at the top, but increase the visiting traffic for your website by multitudes, which means better growth and higher return on investments.

SEO recommendations must be kept in mind from the first step of building your website. There are numerous of SEO tools that are available now that can boost up your website marketing strategy and save it from getting lost on the web.

SEO pros frequently take a shot at benefit of business undertakings to enhance activity to their locales.

They utilize the SEO software in the field so as to augment proficiency. A percentage of the top SEO tools apparatuses that are much of the time utilized by specialists are advised below:


Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is an SEO (search engine optimization) software tool that helps websites get high rankings in search engines.

IBP helps in getting high rankings on Yahoo, Google, Bing and a lot of other popular search engines. It helps generate more website traffic and thus increase the revenue of the website owner. The tool is fully compatible with Google’s new algorithm.

IBP is an SEO software that provides everything you require to promote your website successfully.

It is a proven set of reliable web promotion tools that assists you with all aspects of search engine optimization and promoting your website.

On the whole, IBP helps save time, find more customers and enhance sales.

How does IBP software work?

IBP is an efficient search engine optimization software tool that has an incredible success rate of more than 98%. Well, how does it work?

  • Step one: You choose the required keyword and the search engine

You tell this tool for which keyword you wish to get high rankings; also, choose the search engine on which you wish to be listed.

For instance, the search engine can be Yahoo, Bing, Google, their local variations or any other search engine.

  • Step two: IBP software starts analyzing your web page

The Top 10 Optimizer of IBP will start analyzing the relevant ranking elements in your web page including the links to your site and then calculate a ranking score according to the information obtained.

The higher the ranking score, More are the chances for your site to get listed on the search engine’s first result page.

  • Step three: The tool gives a detail perspective on what you have to change

Provided your website does not have a 100% score, the software explain you in simple English what exactly you need to do to enhance your web page including the links.

The suggestions or advice will be customized to your site, the chosen search engine as well as the chosen keyword. Furthermore, IBP will explain you what you have to change and the way you have to change it.

  • Step four: You make the prescribed changes on your web page

This is the last step in which you make modifications to your web page based on the advice of IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer to the point when there aren’t any suggestions left.

So, that’s the process. There is no catch and no strings attached. Following the suggestions of IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer, your website will certainly get high rankings


Search engine optimization is based on few simple and logical principles. However, for a website owner who is not technically savvy, SEO can be a mind bogglingly difficult task.

There are a number of tools for all kinds of platforms that will assist you with performing the routine SEO tasks.

SEO PowerSuite is one such tool, but as it was found it has quite a few unique features that make it better than other similar tools.



In general, SEO tools help you with keywords and finding links to your website from other websites on the internet. SEO PowerSuite goes further and gives you a set of full-fledged tools such as:

Rank Tracker: This helps you find out the ranking for various keywords that are relevant to your website. It also gives you regular report of keyword trending, so you can update your website accordingly.

Website Auditor: This tool scans your website and gives you reports about the websites structure and content strategy. It generates accurate XML sitemaps for your website.

It then also suggests appropriate improvements to your website, so you can better comply with SEO guidelines published by Google.

SEO Spy Glass: This tool helps you keep track of your competitors’ backlinks by the millions, so you can devise an appropriate link building strategy of your own.

This is essential if you want to keep ahead of the competition and consistently rank higher on Google and other big search engines.

Link Assistant: This tool is one of the most sophisticated link building tools among all the SEO softwares you can buy.

It helps you build link directories, keep count of your organic links and export your list to an easily readable format.

Of course, the quality of your website and your content strategy will also influence the results.

The PowerSuite however removes all obstacles for non-technical website owners who want an easy to use tool that they can easily understand.


SEOprofiler is an automated set of SEO tools that are designed to help the online marketers improve the search engine rankings of their web pages.

It also comes with onsite optimization tools for improving the layout and coding of web pages, so that it becomes easier for the search engines to find those pages.

Additionally, it also comes with keyword research tool and social media integration options that can help businesses in engaging more closely with their prospective and existing customers

SEOprofiler is a monthly subscription service, which means that you will have to renew it every month. Therefore, you will always get to use the updated tools and software.

Website ranking monitor: It comes with a robust option to monitor the rankings of your websites in most of the popular search engines.

You could customize the alert system to send you e-mails, whenever there are changes in your page rankings. You can also schedule the frequency for regular monitoring and reporting.

Spying on competition: SEOProfiler is a smart SEO tool that not only allows you to keep an eye on the performance of your competition websites, but also allows you to find their anchor tags, keywords, and backlinks.

Creating authoritative backlinks: One of the highlights of this service is that you will be able to create backlinks from authoritative online resources.

Such high-quality links will help your business web pages become friendlier with the search engines.

Advanced keyword research: It comes with an advanced tool for researching the keywords that will help you dominate the search engine rankings, according to your business niche.

In addition to suggesting the best keywords, it also shows you the keywords that are being used by your competitors.

Social reputation tracking: With social media playing such a big role in internet marketing these days, this suite allows you to track the reputation of your business in the top social media networking sites. This feature is exclusive to this SEO service.

Integration with Google analytics: You can integrate your account on Google analytics with this software. It presents the statistics to you in a much simplified manner.

Website auditing: Broken links and duplicate contents can seriously impact your webpage rankings. This software comes with free auditing tool, using which you can generate weekly audit reports, regarding the health of your web pages.

Generating system reports: You can have the reports generated automatically and sent out to the e-mail addresses of your choice.

It is indeed a very ideal option for sending out reports to the clients, without having to spend time on it.

Cross device compatibility: You can and use SEOProfiler tools and applications on portable devices like smartphones and Tablet PCs, in addition to laptops and personal computers.

Multi-user accounts: With the help of Multi-user accounts option provided with their services, you can outsource certain tasks to your employees or different departments, according to your resource requirements.

How can SEO tools make your website top rated?

Top SEO tools deal with a lot of tasks that include identifying opportunities such as finding new opportunities for site optimization, checking the pages that are under-performing, checking for duplicate content in the site, making sure the title and descriptions are unique for each web page, identifying chances for additional internal links and prioritizing external link opportunities.

Moreover, these top SEO tools also help with maintaining a historical record of all optimization suggestions, workflow management and link management.

Ultimately, these modern top SEO tools can make your SEO campaign very efficient and help obtain better results.

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