How to Get Clients for Your Web Design Business On Demand

After going through this blog post you’ll have no issue getting clients for your website design business. My name is Edos Ubebe and I’ve been building websites for over 7 years now and when I got started in this business it was hard to get clients to work with me but after learning somethings am about to share with you, getting clients no longer become an issue for me.

And if getting clients is the challenge you may be facing in your business, it will no longer become an issue for you after going through this blog post.

Back in 2013 after I lost my dad, I needed a way to survive in school so I had to stay awake many nights trying to figure out how I’ll be getting clients to work with me so I can get money to be paying my bills in school.

After a lot of failures, headaches, and frustrations I finally found different methods that are proven to work consistently to get your clients on demand.

And I am going to be sharing them with you right now.

The methods I am about to share with you have made me millions over the years and they will make you millions too. Also, I want this information to be worth a minimum of 100K/Mo. to your bank account.

Are you ready? Let’s roll.


I still use this particular strategy till today and it works like it was working for me back in the day when I was still a student of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State.

What I did was this – I contacted 3 of my close friends and tell them that I want them to become my business partners and I told them that anytime they refer a client to me, I’ll give them 30% of the total money the client pays and as luck may have it, they were all excited about the idea and I gave them my banner ad and started promoting it (as their own business).

One of the first guys brought a client, I think we charge that client 50K and this my friend got 15K and he was happy, I was happy too. The other guys too brought their own client and got paid too! The rest is history as they say.

I started having clients flowing to my business almost overnight. Use this strategy my friend, it will work for you – I promise.


My very first client was from a referral from a family friend and the website was for an airline called Alitalia in Lagos, Nigeria.

When I started building websites, I’ll tell my friends that I design websites that they should refer me to their friends and family and not too long, a friend contacted me that he had a job for me.

And it was a big job.

If you’ve already built websites for some people or businesses already, contact them and thank them for doing business with you. As them to give you 2 people that might be interested in your service.

And once they give you their friend/family contact, reach out to them and you’ll be amazed at the numbers of business you could pull in using this strategy of asking for referrals.

50% of our web design clients are from referrals.


This is what I mean when I say become affiliated with local businesses – partner with print shops, graphic designers. Since these guys have a lot of people coming to their shops, it will be smart of you to get your ad in front of them.

I still use this client getting method till today to get clients for my website design business.

And the way that I usually do it is this – I’ll contact these print shops and graphic designers and let them know that if they’ll take my sticker that’ll be pasting unto their walls inside their shops, I’ll give them 30% of whatever a client coming from them pays.

Most times they are usually excited about the idea. I recommend partnering with as much business as possible. That’s how you get clients on demand for your web design business.


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