How To Realistically Earn 100K/Mo. In This New Economy

If all I had in this new economy was a mobile phone, laptop, and internet connection, this is exactly how I’ll be generating a minimum of 50K – 100K per month for myself simply by building blogs for people.

My name is Edos Ubebe and I’ve been working from home for several years now and as at the time am writing this blog post for you businesses are closed due to the Corona virus as you already know.

So, the question now is this – how do you survive this period? Because you need money to meet some basic needs in your household right.

Depending on the place you are staying, I live in Benin City and I heard that there will be a total lockdown (which means there won’t be any form of going out or whatsoever).

This means if you live in Benin City, your business too will be shut down completely.

But if you have an online business you’ll still be able to make sales right? And that’s what am about to teach you today – How To Realistically Earn 100K per month building blogs.


Most people usually get confused about this but I don’t want that to happen to you. A blog is a website, period 🙂

We have different types of websites of which a blog is one of those types. Here are some types of websites we have: E-commerce website, Portfolio website, Blog, Landing pages, Magazine websites, social media website, and lots more.


Over the past few years I’ve used a 3 simple step formula to build tons of blogs for businesses and individuals and I want to share the 3 step process with you, right now and here they are:

  1. STEP 1 – Get a Domain & Web Host
  2. STEP 2 – Install WordPress
  3. STEP 3 – Start Designing

That’s how you build a blog and earn money, my friend. It doesn’t get complicated than that. And I know my colleagues will hate me for sharing this secret formula with you but I don’t care because my goal is to help at least 5 people start their own home-based business today.

You can easily charge 50K per client to set up their own blog for them starting today using the secret formula I showed you above.

Lemme tell you something, the formula I shared with you above has given me the time freedom to work from home, pay my bills and feed my dogs for years now.


I’ve shown you how to realistically earn a minimum of 100K per month building blogs, now all you need to find clients to pay you and it’s not difficult to find clients, you can simply do a Google search right on how to find clients or check out what I have for you below.


If you really want to learn how to realistically earn 100K per month in great details, get a copy of my ebook. In this ebook, I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through every step you need to take to build a blog and earning money doing it for friends, family and strangers.

You’ll become a master in no time, I promise.

Also, I’ll show you where to go find a client to pay you before the week runs out because the stuff I’ll be sharing with you in the ebook is that powerful.



The regular cost for this ebook is N7,700 naira but for a limited time only, you can get a copy for just N2,499 naira only and here’s the thing, if you are someone who doesn’t like to follow instructions after getting a product then please do not order for this ebook.

But if you are someone who follows instruction you can go ahead and get a copy now while you still can.

You can thank me later. 🙂

Regardless, of what you do (whether you buy the ebook or not) I hope this post brought you some value. Lemme know your thoughts, suggestions, or questions in the comment.

Listen – I appreciate you, God bless you and I look forward to seeing you at the top. Take it easy.

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