Quick Guide: How to Build Your Email List from Scratch

Are you looking for a way to grow your email list but you have no idea on how to go about it? Or do you have an email list already and you are looking for ways to grow it? Well…

You are in the right place my friend because after going through this blog post you’ll discover how you can start growing your email list.

If you already have an email list go ahead and give me a quick ‘yes’ in the comments and if you don’t have an email list already give me a quick ‘no’.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the email list is to any business be it an online or offline business.

Think about this – will a restaurant still remain in business if the customers came only once and never returned? Of cause not.

Now, what will happen if the people who visited your website came once and never returned? You’d probably have no traffic coming to your blog right.

So, one sure way of making them to keep coming back to your blog is to have an email list, when you have an email list you can get in touch with your website visitors anytime you want. Make sense?

You’ve seen the importance of having an email list let’s go ahead and dive into this stuff without any further ado.

The very first thing you need to consider when deciding to build an email list is the email service provider.

There are tons of email service providers out there; you’ll find a list of some of the best email service provider below:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • SendinBlue
  • MailChimp

Over the past few years, I’ve used GetResponse and I can highly recommend them to anyone, friends and family.

Although, you can use any of the email service provider because all of them are the same. The only difference could be in there interface and prices but other than that, they are all the same.


It saves you a lot of energy, time and frustration. One of the advantages of using an email service like GetResponse and like is that you can keep track of the numbers of people opening your emails.

Trying to keep track of people opening your email manually is doable with a webmail but that’s a sure fire way to failure.

How about your click-through rates? It’ll be difficult to keep track if you are doing sending out emails manually to your subscribers. That’s where email service providers come in handy (for the lack of a better word).


Now that you have gotten an email service provider its time to create your opt-in landing page and what’s a landing page?

Basically, a landing page is a web page where you get website visitors contact information and this could be email address or phone number.

In this case, we are talking about email address.

There are various ways of creating an opt-in landing pages, most email service providers already have pre-built landing pages that you can use starting today.

Or you could hire a web developer like myself or any other person to build one for you. It’s not difficult.


Now that you have built your opt-in landing page, it’s time to start getting traffic to your landing page and there are tons of ways you can start doing that.

You can start promoting your opt-in landing page on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the like.

Another way you can start promoting your landing page is to add your landing page link to your email signature in that way when you send out an email to friends and family, they probably might see it and visit your landing page and then probably opt-in.

Also, you can embed the opt-in form to your blog’s sidebar and footer. In that way people visiting your website would probably see your opt-in form and join your list.


I don’t want to use anyone as an example but am sure you’ve come across what am about to talk about on some blogs and websites.

Most times, I see people put out a message for people to join there list with the following lead magnet:

“Join our list to get notified when we post a new blog post”, something like that.

Now, if you were to be on this person’s blog would you drop your email address? You probably won’t, I guess. Why? Because they’ve not given you a good reason to join their list right.


When you offer visitors coming to your opt-in landing page an incentive to join your list, they probably will join your list, most of them (not all will join your list).

Let’s suppose for instance you put out a message on your opt-in landing page that has an incentive attached to it with the following write ups:

You see, John Chow is offering a FREE EBOOK here that teaches how to make money online, you see he is offers incentive that makes people to drop there email address for him.

That’s the trick.


Remember that we are building our first email list from scratch, so consider investing in some paid advertising.

The internet was built on advertising and its you work with the system by advertising not working against it by not advertising.

The number reason why most people don’t advertise is because they consider advertising as an expense and that’s not true.

Advertising should always be seen as an investment not an expense.

Most people spend money on paid advertising and send the visitors gotten from that advertising to a non existing system or to an offer directly without capturing leads.

That’s the amateur way of doing things.

They are basically throwing money out the window anytime they do that and I used to be that kind of person but I don’t do things that way again.


Now that you have your email list growing, you need to build a relationship with them. And they way you build relationship with them is by giving them VALUE.

When you provide your list with valuable content all the time, they will start paying attention to you and will be willing to buy from you when you want to sell them something.

If this stuff make sense to you, leave me with a quick ‘yes’ if not leave me with a quick ‘no’, I’m curious. I want to know if you are getting my point.


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Start by selecting the email service provider you wish to use then build your opt-in landing page and find various ways to increase your website traffic.

Also, give people a reason to subscribe to your list by offering them incentives. Make sense?

Let me know the methods you use in building your list in the comment.

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